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My Story - Patricia Roy
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My Story

Patricia Roy
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6 x 9
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I first met Patricia Roy when she worked as a journalist and an advocate for women. I noted her warm eyes that crinkled when she smiled and her ebullient laugh, but I also sensed her steely will. Both Roy's warmth and determination shine in My Story. This finely-crafted memoir tells of Roy's upbringing in a close-knit Acadian farm family; her work as nurse, farm wife, entrepreneur, writer and advocate; the ebbs and flows of her marriage; and her pride in her ancestors and descendants. Through richly told stories, Roy does much more than share her life: she brings the reader into the bygone days of Maritime experience and the timeless struggles of self-discovery. My Story is a tale about family connection, Acadian heritage, love and relationships, and - most of all - resilience.

Lori Mayne, Editor

My Story - Patricia Roy
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