Barnabé, We Beg Your Pardon !

Auteur : André Landry
Date de publication : 20170601
Nombre de pages : 228
ISBN : 978-2-89627-473-4
Prix : 19.95



I’m leaving you all. One day, once I’m healed, I’ll come back and erect with my husband Jean-Baptiste a monument on the north side of the new church facing Sheldrake Island, a monument topped by the cross remembering the Déportation in Grand-Pré, where the living will read your names inlayed in bronze and stone. It will recall to the people’s memory that you have existed and that your mortal remains, lost on Sheldrake Island, await the Resurrection. And from your respective ciel, you’ll protect us from Evil that strews this Valley of tears. Souls who have suffered so much cannot be elsewhere then in the presence of God our Father.

André Landry has taught in Lévis in the Province of Québec, and in Campbellton and Tracadie in New Brunswick. When he retired in 1993, he developed an interest in the local history of the Acadian Peninsula, particularly at the time of the lepers’ odyssey in Caraquet, Grande-Anse, Tracadie, and Neguac. Barnabé, We Beg Your Pardon! is the story of a ten year old boy who died of leprosy on Sheldrake Island.