The Case of Noron Inc. City of Dieppe – A David-and-Goliath Saga

Auteur : Norman Bérubé
Date de publication : 20220502
Nombre de pages : 72
ISBN : 9782896277728
Prix : 19.95



This is the story of the “Noron Case,” in which Norman Bérubé faced opposition from the City of Dieppe when he planned to build Dover Estates, an innovative
mini-home park. Who will have the last word: the City, or Norman, whose reputation was tarnished by the affair? The court case lasted from 2004 to 2019, pitting a man with dreams and vision against a city determined to put wedges in the works, obstacles that included unfair fines and corrupt procedures. In these pages, you’ll discover the multiple layers of an intriguing story that has marked the province of New Brunswick.

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