This Unpredictable Monster

Auteur : Philippe G. Hébert
Date de publication : 20161101
Nombre de pages : 92
ISBN : 978-2-89627-461-1
Prix : 19.95



In The Bad Mother, the author took you on an emotional journey about the story of someone who was searching for his inner truth. In This Unpredictable Monster, the author decided to go a step further by taking you on a moving exploration of the effects of repressed trauma.

The characters appear to be living a perfect life until, page after page, the truth is revealed. The truth shall make you free.
Joanne McGaw-Siviero

An insightful read with an unexpected ending…
Krista Fenety

An example of human conditioning& and how far it can be taken.
Teresa Short

A spot-on observation of the hidden effects of trauma and the process of acceptance, release and healing, all told in surprising ways.
Lee D. Thompson

Philippe G. Hébert was born and raised in the Madawaska County. He completed graduate studies in law, philosophy, ethics and social work. After a career in the private sector, he retired to write.