The final sprint – The last chapter of my autobiography

Auteur : Denis Sonier
Date de publication : 20181001
Nombre de pages : 166
ISBN : 978-2-89627-552-6
Prix : 19.95



Denis Sonier was born in Acadie on January 13, 1939. He lived in his home village of Saint-Irenée until the age of fourteen. He began living and studying at the seminary of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart in Petit-Rocher, New Brunswick, on April 8, 1953.

After retiring from his career in education, he started a second career in business with his wife Faye Breau. Together, they founded several businesses, including Les Éditions de la Francophonie. During the many years they owned this publishing house, he and his wife encouraged Acadians to write the stories of their lives. Publishing these books was a source of satisfaction for both of them, and for their company it was a major ‘factor in its financial success. Faye had been a nurse and Denis had been a school principal, and the relationships they built in the publishing world gave them a sense of fulfillment.

The fact that he regularly invited people to write their biographies had given our publisher an interest in writing his own, but he had never found the time to dedicate to this ambitious project. The publishing house, prosperous and prolific, occupied a great deal of his and his wife’s daily activities. As an athlete in excellent health and physical shape, Denis also devoted a lot of time to sports activities, including several swimming competition.

It wasn’t easy to find, in his busy life, the hours he needed to write his story. Then as suddenly as lightning, an entirely new reality began, offering him a golden opportunity to put his plans into action. For those readers who may be wondering why he decided to start with the last chapter, the answer will become clear when they read The Final Sprint !